Almuñecar Apartments Association
The current board members are as follows:

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AAA Secretary 2019--
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Muriel Clayton is AAA Secretary from 2019 AAA AGM; 01785 224349
AAA President 2018-
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Please contact Carol if you have an urgent need to email, or or speak to, or text, an AAA team member lancscarol@gmail.com mobile 078855 22210 or landline 01684 292032
AAA Treasurer 2018-
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To pay fees - £5 this year - please contact Jane French - by email or text on 07753 608946. Payments can be made online to AAA UK sort code 08 90 09 account number 50003361 Please let Jane know if you have paid in this way. Thank you
Playa Tropical Offices
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Non-members could contact the Playa Tropical offices direct, to rent an apartment at commercial prices: but please be aware that AAA members can have preferential rental rates by renting from other AAA members - which is much cheaper in Summer than the Playa Tropical rates.
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