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Please ask everyone you know to update their membership details - especially please can we have up-to-date addresses, emails and phone numbers - or you will not be notified about anything.
Message from Carol Minter

MEMBERS AREA - some members have been unable to change their details, especially Y/N for letting. This is probably because you have an ad-blocker or pop-up blocker on your computer system. I had the same problem until I modified my pop-up blocker to allow changes on AAA website. [ There was a small reminder/warning appearing on my url/http/ line - clicking on it allowed me to change permission for AAA website, and then the Y/N worked fine] Good luck - Carol

Message from Carol 2024 April ... Dear Members: Please note that I, Carol, resigned as Acting President and as an official Admin Team member in 2022. After about 20 years of consistently being Secretary, once Treasurer, and then President, I then resigned in 2013. I stepped back in as Acting President when our hard-working and long-serving Treasurer, David Brundrett, died. I re-resigned in 2022 owing to (at the time) ill-health and other ongoing commitments. Also in 2022 our Secretary, Muriel, resigned after several years of excellent service. When Davids daughter Jane remained as the only volunteer Team Member, I asked at our 2022 AGM for volunteers to fill the President and Secretary roles. After the 2022 meeting, one member offered to consider Team membership, but subsequently withdrew. My details remain on the website because we have no authority to change some of the webpages. Inevitably I therefore get some enquiries, and I do my best to answer them so that Jane does not have to handle quite as much admin work - she is still in full-time employment, and I am not. This does not mean that I expect to act as your President, or Secretary, in any official way. We made a decision in 2022 to not hold any future meetings, and to let the Association wind down when it runs out of money. Meanwhile Jane and I keep the website as up-to-date as possible, to enable our members to continue to benefit from AAAs website initial ethos, of members being able to share information and rent flats to one another. A generous service from Jane and me, I think. If anyone wishes to volunteer to learn how to manage the website, I am very willing to teach them whilst I can. If anyone wishes to also take on the role of President or Secretary, Jane and I will help whilst we can. If anyone wants to organise a future General Meeting, Jane will pass to them the contact-details for the room-booking and catering, and we are willing to send out emails to the current membership to invite them to contact the organiser. Jane and I will not send out posted invitation letters, but would supply the organiser with a list of current AAA postal-only member addresses, stripped of the names, which can then be used to send to "the AAA member" at each address to inform them of the proposed meeting. The organiser must arrange the printing of the invitations and the postage. I shall put this message in several places on the website so that most members have a chance to see it and decide what if anything they wish to do on behalf of AAA. Thank you. Carol

Welcome to the section of the website giving you local information about the area around the apartments on Playa Velilla in Almunecar.

The photo above shows what the Playa Tropical flats look like from the road
- handy for first-time visitors to know what to look for.

The flats are about a mile to the east along the seafront from the centre of Almuñécar.
The photo left top is a view of the beach by Playa Tropical apartments: top right is the seafront in town.
The bottom left photo is of the Town Hall [Ayuntamiento] in the main square in Almuñécar - about 200 yards back uphill into the old town from the beach.
The bottom right photo is on the edge of the enclosed municipal market - a little more uphill from the Town Hall.
Enjoy exploring the old town - there are lots of interesting alleyways and attractive courtyards.

Almuñécar and La Herradura form the tourist capital of the Costa Tropical.
This relatively unknown stretch of the southern coastline of Spain belongs to Granada province in Andalucia. It lies between the more populous Costa del Sol to the west, and the coast of Almería to the east.

It is here that the continent of Africa is trying - and noticeably succeeding - to push its way under the mass of Europe. The dramatic results are what give the Costa Tropical its special geography and climate, so unlike any other coastline in southern Spain.

Rugged hills thrust up steeply from valley floors or plunge into the sea. Seasonal torrents, often swollen by melting snows, cut jagged ravines deep into the landscape. Once-forested hillsides, now denuded of their fertile topsoil, provide a scanty foothold for almond, olive and the hardy carob. Small villages and farming communities have developed in sheltered valleys or simply cling like limpets to the hillsides.

And above everything towers the grand Sierra Nevada.

These mountains, which boast among them the highest peak in mainland Spain, form a natural weather-break which protects the Granadan coastline from the worst influences of the European winters, while Africa, to the south, helps buffer the harsh effects of both the Mediterranean and Atlantic weather. As a result, the area has an extraordinarily benign subtropical climate, which can be seen in the variety of exotic products to be found in the local markets, especially the different fruits.

How to pay for your Playa Tropical fees can be found in the MESSAGE BOARD - UPDATES area of the website 

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