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Notice to members - the Playa Tropical apartments are functioning normally.
Please read the 2024 note from Carol in the MESSAGES and NEWS section

Please either transfer your Playa Tropical maintenance fees by bank transfer, according to the guidance in the NEWSLETTER section - or wait until you go to Almunecar. Carol

Almuñecar Apartments Association - AAA - is the organization run for and by the English-speaking owners of timeshares in the "Playa Tropical" apartments, as pictured in the photo above.


The three apartment blocks that are the "Playa Tropical" apartments are on the sunny Costa Tropical of Spain, on Playa Velilla promenade, at the eastern end of Almuñecar.

PLEASE do NOT use the -
- section to contact the Admin Team of AAA -
the details are all out-of-date and cannot be amended yet.


Almuñecar is a lovely old town about 50 miles east of Malaga in Southern Spain, in Granada Province.

The apartments are owned in "Playa Tropical" apartments in two-week sections - 14 nights, for the first half of each month [1st-15th], and more than 14 nights for the second part of each month [15th-28th/29th/30th/31st depending on the month].
Often owners can sell consecutive fortnights, allowing new owners to holiday for a month, 6 weeks or 2 months in the same apartment.
AAA Members often buy and sell amongst each other, at very favourable rates.
AAA members also let/rent to one another at extremely favourable rates [usually equivalent to the normal annual maintenance fees which in 2021 are only 150 euros for the fortnight plus gas/electricity charges of 4 euros per day of your holiday visit].

The given dates cover the nights following the days, so yes - arrive on 1st pm, leave 15th am; arrive 15th pm, leave 1st am. Every month early period is 14 nights and the others are lucky with more.

Other flats in the same "Playa Tropical" blocks can also be rented at commercially priced rents through the admin offices of Apartamentos Playa Tropical - see
www.apartamentosplayatropical.com, and via other websites.

Our AAA website only tells us which flats are owned by actual AAA members - we have no information about other flats owned by non-AAA-members.

There will be some English-speaking owners who are not yet members of AAA, so any fortnights they own will not show on the AAA website, and many other fortnights are owned by other nationalities - and AAA have no record of their properties.

The selection of AAA-relevant photographs which were available on Picasaweb are currently unavailable, as Google has subsumed Picasa and changed the parameters for access.

If you wish to join AAA, please contact our Treasurer,
Jane French,
4 Wigmore Wood, Wigmore Lane, Eythorne, Dover, Kent CT15 4WW
07753 608946 JaneFrench2@gmail.com
Please make cheques payable to Almuñecar Apartments Association - £5 this 2024 year [a real bargain]
You will find the bank details for direct bank transfer in the NEWSLETTER section

Almuñecar Apartments Association

Treasurer Jane French from 2017 onwards

The ‘Arrival Notification’ on this website enables members to inform the Playa Tropical Comunidad offices, on the ground floor at the block 3 entrance, of their time of arrival and specific requirements. The form may be printed out, and then scanned/emailed or faxed or posted. You will find the Notification Form in the MEMBERS AREA.

Members and non-members may

MEMBERS AREA - some members have been unable to change their details, especially Y/N for letting.
See the NEWSLETTER, the MESSAGES - UPDATES, or the CHAT sections for why

In the ‘Chat Room’ you can post information for the benefit of members, regarding items you consider useful, such as good eating places etc.

The website also allows the AAA admin team to keep you updated, using the ‘Newsletter’ facility.

You, the individual member, are able to update your own personal details; PLEASE do this when any detail changes.

These are just some of the facilities that the Website offers.

For non-members;

Welcome to the Almuñecar Apartments Association website, found at

Anyone who wishes to join AAA urgently should email for information, to LancsCarol@gmail.com or text 078855 22210 and leave a message.
Please ensure you have to hand all your details of names, address, telephone numbers, email address, apartment number, block number and time period of ownership.

The annual AAA subscription fee for this year is £5

Carol, the Ex-President - this is now a vacant position

How to pay Playa Tropical maintenance fees direct can be found at the MESSAGE BOARD - UPDATES part of the website

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